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    MORPH Productions

    Ravenstarr Fairelander

  • Hi, I'm Raven.

    MORPH: Ever changing. Ever creating. Metamorphosis.

    I use Second Life as my canvas to paint my imagination. I love creating regions, venues and spaces that spark joy in myself and others.

  • Full REGION Designs

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    Silevea for Fantasy Faire 2024

    In Silevea, the air is heavy with the earthy fragrance of mushrooms and the mystical allure of the enchanted fen, marking the realm of the Sylvan Spore Fae. These diminutive and elusive beings are the guardians of the mushrooms and the stewards of the water's edge. The waters are said to hold ancient magic, whispering secrets of old to those who listen.

    Collab with Cube Republic and Ica84

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    Kaleidoscope - The Monarch Education Project (permanent)

    Kaleidoscope, a Monarch Education Project, brought to you by MORPH Productions , is an experience for the mind, heart, and soul. Follow the nature hike to learn about the importance of this beautiful butterfly and experience the breathtaking views of the monarch wintering grounds.

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    Candytopia showcases an interactive game that follows a winding path through a series of sugary delights to the Candy Castle. Candytopia isn't just a place; it's a celebration of imagination, joy and childlike wonder.

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    Neverland is a timeless escape where childhood dreams take flight. Peter Pan's Neverland captures the essence of unwavering imagination, inviting all to embrace the thrill of perpetual childhood and the magic of unending adventures. Come swim in the mermaid lagoon, explore the pirate cave, hang out in the Lost Boy hideout, or hunt for treasure in the regionwide hunt. So much to see and do in Neverland. 

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    OLYMPUS for Spark Project

    Olympus, the mythical abode of the gods, borne aloft by mighty Titans. Standing as a testament to the power and grandeur of ancient Greek mythology. A place where mortals could only dream of venturing.

    Collab with Drew Lukas

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    Welcome to Nova, situated on the neutral paradise planet Ashoka. Open to all adults, this interstellar utopian resort invites all weary space travelers seeking a destination spa experience. From yoga with aliens to interaction with a true AI based on 21st century ChatGPT/GPT3, at Nova our mission is to provide an otherworldly escape from the stresses of daily life. Unwind in a truly unique environment, leaving you feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready to take on whatever the universe has in store for you.

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    A Who Christmas

    "Every Who down in Whoville liked Christmas a lot, but the Grinch, who lived just north of Whoville - did not."

    Whether you're Team Who or Team Grinch, you'll have fun exploring "A Who-Christmas"! Experience the magic of Christmas - wander and explore the town, scale Mt. Crumpit and visit the Grinch's cave, stop by the tree farm and take home your own holiday tree! Re-capture the wonder and joy of the holiday season! (Inspired by childhood memories of Christmas jammies and Whoville)

    Collab with Emm Evergarden

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    The Deep Woods for Spark Project

    Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.

    Collab with Drew Lukas

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    This Mortal Coil for Spark Project

    Inspired by the movie "What Dreams May Come"

    Collab with Drew Lukas

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    The Pond

    Dream BIG in this upsized koi pond to explore and relax in nature in a big way. Dance on the lily pads, cuddle in a flower, sightsee with the fish or join the oversized picnic if the ants leave enough crumbs. There is much to discover above and below the water!

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    Ravenport Reclaimed

    "Greetings, survivor. If you are receiving this message, all human life in Ravenport is gone." Ravenport is a town that has been wiped out of human life and reclaimed by nature. Come explore the devastated beauty, photograph your journey and connect with other survivors.

    Collab with Invisible Hurricane

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